Crow Chopper Identity

An entrepreneur was exploring the idea of opening a custom motorcycle shop with the name Crow Chopper. I was asked to create an identity for use in the business exploration.

After doing market research I determined choppers touch on the fantasy of the lone rebel; dangerous, tuff, and independent. This market also has a set of symbols that it uses to represent itself: skulls, flames, wings, and badges.

So the logo needed to relate to the stories and images that are the fuel for the fantasies fulfilled through biking. It needed to be dangerous and bold, and a bit menacing. It also needed to differentiate from most in this category by being of good fit and finish. The logo needed to be versatile enough to be incorporated into a colorful paint job as well as used on cards and letterhead, silk screened tee-shirts, embroidered ball caps, embossed on metal parts, and probably many more applications.

Role: Strategy, Design, Lettering

Produced: Logo